Alberto Landgraf, chef patron of two-Michelin-starred Oteque in Rio de Janeiro, ranked 47 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, is bringing some Brazilian flavours to London with a new restaurant called Bossa. We’d been waiting to hear more about the plans – but now the restaurant is getting ready to launch with surprisingly low fanfare.

Son of a farmer with German ancestry and a Japanese mother, Alberto began his culinary career in London in the early 2000s, working with Tom Aikens and Gordon Ramsay among others, before returning to Brazil in 200. His first restaurant Epice in São Paolo won a Michelin star, before he relocated to Rio Janeiro in 2018 to launch Oteque. That really put him on the global culinary map, scooping one Michelin star a few months after opening, and two Michelin stars the following year.

On the London menu, which is described as being all about the “vivid and contemporary cuisine of Brazil”, we can expect dishes like:

  • Skewered duck hearts with farofa
  • Heart of palm whole on the barbeque
  • Roasted scallops, leeks, toasted buckwheat & tucupi sauce
  • Tonka panna cotta with cupuaçu jam & crunchy cacao nibs
  • Acai sorbet with sugar cane bran & spaced chocolate

The restaurant, which happens to be right beside the Brazilian Consulate, seats around 60 with ten people up at the counter by the kitchen and there’s a small separate bar too, which you can pop into even if you’re not dining. On wine duty will be sommelier Laís Aoki who recently won the “Brazil’s Best Sommelier” award and her list will be focusing on wines from the region. All in all, definitely one to watch.


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