Aulis, Simon Rogan’s chef’s table restaurant in Soho, has redesigned both its room and its menu. The new look comes as the restaurant operates in its sixth year. Rogan has increased the number of seats from eight to 12, and has added a new bar in a small space next door to the dining room, where guests are encouraged to have pre-or-post meal drinks.

Rogan, who is best known for his three-Michelin star restaurant, the Lake District’s L’Enclume, said of the news: “Aulis has been open for almost six years, and whilst it has worked well as a chef’s table until now, it’s a pretty cosy spot, so we felt a remodel was long overdue! Ultimately, it will enable us to take everything up a notch.

“We can now accommodate an additional four diners at each service, and it means that [executive chef] Oli Marlow, [head chef] Charlie Tayler and the team can facilitate a better overall guest experience.

“There’s now a lounge area for people to enjoy a drink before and after dinner, and the extra space and new counter top allow for better interaction all round between our team and our guests — which is what an experience Aulis is all about.”

Rogan added: “It will also open up more possibilities for interesting events and collaborations, which hasn’t been possible until now.”

Working with ingredients from Rogan’s Lake District farm, Marlow and Tayler’s menu has close ties to the chef’s signature style; Rogan’s food is precise and immaculate. The new menu includes the likes of crab custard, small caviar-topped pork doughnuts and sea bream with gooseberries, all of which diners watch the chefs cook in front of them.

The London restaurant is in fact one of three Aulis’s; the first came in 2016 in Cartmel, the Lake District village where L’Enclume is, as a six-seater chef’s table. The Soho spot followed a year after, with Aulis Hong Kong opening in 2019.

Aulis is open now at 16 St Anne’s Court, W1F 0BF. For more information, visit


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