Mugaritz, chef Andoni Luis Aduriz’s creative gastro hub in San Sebastián, is celebrating its 25th anniversary and is marking the new season with a special menu themed ‘memories of the future’.

As usual, the Mugaritz team have pushed the boundaries in terms of gastronomic creativity, this time to create a menu composed of 25 moments considering the exploration of new textures, reflection on naturalness, the incorporation of new ingredients, experimentation with techniques, and edible forms of concepts such as luxury, the passage of time, beauty and traditions.

The restaurant, which every year goes into hibernation for six months in order to explore and research new ideas and to realise the concepts that will form the menu for the subsequent six months of the year, will open on 29 April and run until 29 October 2023.

As the restaurant prepares to open its doors to the public, a final dress rehearsal will take place on 28 April, the night before opening, and Mugaritz is giving five members of the public the chance to preview the 2023 season, with an initiative announced on their Instagram page. Simply go to the post announcement, and like and comment stating ‘what do you remember from the future?’ Five diners will be selected at random to attend the dress rehearsal.



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