If we ask who are the chefs who reflect the Parisienne spirit in their cuisine with elegance, we will undoubtedly see Christian Le Squer at the top of the list. His love for French cuisine and creativity and his culinary talent, it turns into a career adventure full of sparkle. Winner of 3 Michelin stars for 12 consecutive years, Christian Le Square, who is currently the chef of Le Cinq at the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, was recently named Best Chef of the Year by the Gault&Millau Guide in 2023.

Le Squer was born in Brittany, France, he took his first steps in the kitchen by preparing fish and fresh vegetables grown in the garden. He expresses his interest in the kitchen in the following words, without linking it to a specific criterion: “I loved to eat, of course, especially French cuisine.
His love for French cuisine takes him to Paris. Here he discovers the world of fine dining in France and takes his place on the stage as one of today’s leading chefs. After his culinary training, Christian Le Squer worked in the kitchens of The Ritz, Le Divellec, Lucas Carton and Taillevent in Paris and then joined Café de la Paix Restaurant Opera as head chef, receiving his first Michelin star in 1996 and his second star two years later. In 1999, he became the chef of Pavillon Ledoyen.
Two Michelin stars in the second year of his career, which started at Pavillion Ledoyen, one of the venues that subtly carries the Parisienne spirit of France, and a third star in 2002. becomes the owner. Stating that he aims to continue the art of living the French way in his profession and kitchen, Le Squer describes himself as a ‘creator of flavours and composer of tastes’. Le Squer designs signature plates by reinterpreting traditional French dishes with softer and refreshing touches.

In 2008, he founded a new restaurant in Paris, Etc. (Épicure traditionnelle cuisine), which was awarded a Michelin star the following year. Le Squer’s dishes can be characterised as full of meaning and impact. The chef is passionate about creating different flavours that linger in the mouth for a long time and evoke unexpected sensations. The restaurant creates speciality dishes such as sea bass with buttermilk; a rich meat jus-parmesan-bone marrow sauce with gratin of Cevennes onions. Le Squer has brought stars to every restaurant he has stepped into and polished with his aesthetic touches, and in 2013, for Restaurant Ledoyen.
He is awarded five toques (the highest rating) by the Gault&Millau Guide. In October 2014, Four Seasons Hotel George Le Squer, who became the Executive Chef of Le Cinq in V, describes this special restaurant where he performs his art as “If you want to taste food in a foreign culture, there are many places in the city where you can do that. What we do at Le Cinq is purely Parisian and we do it very well.
Le Cinq’s striking and elegant tableware, combined with the floral sculptures and grey-gold colour scheme, truly gives guests a quintessentially Parisian dining experience. When he combines the iconic Parisian restaurant with his own creative touch and forward-thinking vision, success is again Inevitably, he received two Michelin stars in 2015 and three in 2016. Although Le Squer categorises his menus seasonally, he mentions that when an ingredient is not of the best quality, he focuses on creating a new flavour. Le Cinq’s prominent flavours include shellfish and seafood (oysters, crab and blue lobster, among many other species), but also recognised with its market quality vegetables.

Le Squer states that his constant goal in his profession is “to create dishes that evoke emotions so that guests can feel my love for what I create”. He is a chef who enjoys sharing his creative process in the kitchen with people in Paris. He also says about being at Le Cinq: “Here we have a new way to share our passion. It’s very satisfying to talk to journalists and to be able to have a say in what we create. The chef, who continues to follow the French line with elegant and creative steps, was recently named the Best Chef of the Year by Gault & Millau Guide in 2023 for his inspiring career.


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