Built by Eduard Sacher in 1876, the hotel has been run by the Gürtler family since 1934. The five-star Hotel Sacher has hosted quite famous bureaucrats and politicians in the past: Queen Elizabeth II, Indira Gandhi, John F. Kennedy… Café Sacher, which allows you to experience the famous Viennese coffee culture in Sacher style, offers the typical Viennese cafe atmosphere complete with a slice of Sacher-Torte. It offers the perfect environment for tasting. It awaits its guests at all hours of the day with its desserts, traditional Viennese dishes and, of course, delicious coffee options.

Due to the popularity of the place, it may be necessary to wait in line for half an hour to an hour outside. Then, Café Sacher welcomes its guests with a palace-like interior decoration. Red carpets and floors, golden yellow details, dark wooden chairs, classical music in the background… A magnificent winter garden framing the uninterrupted view of the State Opera House turns into a terrace in summer.

The most valuable of this calm, elegant, elegant place is the Sacher Torte dessert. So what makes Sacher Torte so special?
The original Sacher Torte recipe was created by Franz Sacher in 1832. A thin, velvety layer of apricot marmalade lies between the dense cake, which is covered with chocolate on the outside. The cake, which is served with whipped cream on the side, has a stylish and small chocolate bar with the inscription “Sacher” on the top. It is recommended to drink “Wiener Melange” with Sacher Torte. Wiener Melange is coffee with milk; It is quite light, the amount of coffee is small. A piece of cream is placed on the surface of the coffee, right in the middle, and the cream melts in the warmth of the coffee and leaves its flavor in the cup. Sacher Torte is in perfect harmony with light flavors such as Whipped cream and Wiener Melange.

Café Sacher welcomes its regulars and travelers fascinated by Vienna from 8 am to 12 pm.


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