Once over the threshold, a fascinating experience awaits at Cocina Hermanos Torres – one that transports guests to a world where time has stood still thanks to the magical setting and highly delicate cuisine that takes us away from our day-to-day lives. The Torres twins (Sergio and Javier) dreamt of incorporating their culinary microcosmos into the heart of the dining room, transforming a culinary experience into a true spectacle, hence the three cooking stations that dominate the centre of the room, around which tables are arranged beneath romantic “clouds” of light. The cuisine here is centred on a superb tasting menu that invites guests on a gourmet journey extolling the very best seasonal and local ingredients, using them in such a way to extract maximum impact and flavour with a minimum of intervention.

Cocina Hermanos Torres Restaurant’s Kitchen

Central Islands

The centre and heart of the project, the zone for guests is a combination of the dreams and hopes that the Torres Brothers had for the restaurant. An open, educational and cultural kitchen, where the client is the protagonist of his/her own experience. An intimate moment between the chef and the guest, where the interaction and exchange of knowledge between both are essential ingredients for a complete experience.

An industrial-sized open kitchen is the centrepiece for the expansive dining room at Cocina Hermanos Torres, the restaurant run by brothers Sergio and Javier Torres. Diners get up close and personal with the cold room, meat and poultry section and seafood and fish areas as the chefs work alongside them. Dishes on the two tasting menus may include green peas or sea ox with seaweed paste. There’s even an education room where up to 20 visitors can watch live cooking shows.

Cooking Sections

The area protected by the old roofing of the industrial building is divided into different sections.

  • Cold room section
  • Mea and poultry section
  • Fish and seafood section

These are the functional and preparation areas that make up the preparation chain that ends in the dish. The dish is language and essentially, it is a means of communication between the chef and the guest, in the same way, that apiece of art or literature is a means of interaction between the artist and the viewer, or the author and the reader.

Cocina Hermanos Torres Restaurant’s Space

Wine Cellar

A place for conversations. A comfortable, quiet and pleasant setting before crossing the threshold into the restaurant. The ideal place to have a drink or a cocktail prepared by barman, and for guests, friends and relatives to get together before and after the gastronomic experience proposed by the Torres Brothers. Under the old roofing of the industrial building that unites the different spaces in the restaurant, the bar is located between the interior side of the façade and the wine tasting and cellar area. You can also wrap up your experience by having a coffee in the bar on your way out.


The patisserie has its own space in the restaurant, a glazed bakery which look out onto the main room and is equipped to be able to cover 100% of the sweet, bread, chocolate and dessert service.

Education Room

A room that can host up to 20 people seated at screens for presentations, and equipped with a kitchen for live show-cooking.

Private Room

The private room can host 12 guests. It has its own toilet and cloakroom facilities and direct access to the street, passing by the sections, in such a way that guests do not have to walk through the restaurant if they do not want to. It connects with the R&D room and consequently the service in the private room can be provided by the general cuisine or the private cooking of the R&D. It is glazed and looks out onto the main room and central kitchens and has a curtain to protect guests’ privacy from the outside without hindering their view outside from the inside.


It is a glazed room for techniques and tests, looking out onto the main room. There is another kitchen here, independent from the others, designed for personal experiences of the brothers cooking live for 2 or 4 people.

Bar/Coffee Area

A place for conversations. A space connected to the main room and exclusively designed for preparing herbal infusions, tea and coffee. It’s a comfortable, quiet and pleasant setting before crossing the threshold into the restaurant.

Creative and professional Torres Brothers are waiting for their guests.



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