This year Cédric Grolet is proposing three original creations for the tables of the Parisian palace.

For the festive season, Cédric Grolet is presenting three yule logs inspired by this “Pure” collection of deliciously re-interpreted entremets. Whoever says three yule logs, is saying you have a three-times better chance of finding true happiness at 6 rue Castiglione, where you will be able to delight in chocolate and tropical flavours, not to mention a more unusual version with pollen and honey.

Pure Miel Yule Log: singular

This creation surprises by its aesthetics and daring! An aery mousse, delicately sprinkled with pollen masking a skilful assemblage: lying on a crunchy bed of honey and pollen, there’s a layer of dacquoise and meringue coated with woodland honey. A lemon gel with a sweet lavender nectar provides a bit of fullness thanks to its lemon supreme and confits. A pollen gel with powerful and primitive flavours completes this elegant and resolutely original dessert.

Pure Chocolat Yule Log: intense

Here, the black gold from Alain Ducasse’s Manufacture de Chocolat comes with a multitude of textures. Cutting through it, you’ll find a praline base with cacao bean nibs and very crunchy fleur de sel, on which lies a moist biscuit made without flour and topped with an Alain Ducasse Peru chocolate caramel. A cacao gel magnifies this gentle bitterness and the whole is covered with a coat of chocolate mousse, iced and sprinkled with crushed Peru chocolate beans.

A powerful and intense creation.

Pure Coco Yule Log: sweet

This version aims to be more aery and exotic. The very crunchy roasted coconut praline contrasts with the moist meringue and coconut powder-based dacquoise. It is topped with a lemon gel with forest pepper. A runny coconut praline along with a gel made of fresh coconut meat brings out the very best in this sublime dessert. A roasted coconut mousse with mascarpone covers the log, which is then iced with coconut milk and sprinkled with grated coconut. A log that is all lightness, to bring a perfect ending to your festive dinner!




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