The stars of the gastronomy world meet at Gastromasa! Let’s get to know our world-famous guests who opened our horizons with their inspiring experiences and culinary secrets.

The extraordinary effect of the meeting of Japanese and Italian culture is evident in Yoji Tokiyoshi’s kitchen. Combining two cultures with Italian flavors prepared with Japanese traditions and philosophy, Tokuyoshi defines its cuisine as ‘Contaminated Italian Cuisine.’ Working with Massimo Bottura as a sous chef at Osteria Francescana for nine years, Yoji Tokuyoshi left Modena in 2014 and decided to fly with his own wings. Ristorante Tokuyoshi, which he opened in Milan in 2015, was proof that he made the right decision. The successful chef, who was awarded a Michelin star in a short time, creates a brand new culinary understanding by combining Japanese and Italian culinary traditions. Tokuyoshi, who never gives up trying new things and even feeds off these experiences, is a chef who has reflected the motto of “respect for food” in every area of his kitchen. His new restaurant, Alter Ego, which opened in Tokyo in 2019, is described as the “alter ego” of Ristorante Tokuyoshi. 



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