With APT’s “rent-a-chef” concept launched by Richard Lee Massey, famous names such as Claude Bosi, Jackson Boxer, James Cochran, Selin Kiazim and Skye Gyngell will become chefs of special dinners.

Starting on July 22, APT will allow food lovers to hire star chefs to cook up to 10 people in a private room at Bethnal Green’s Town Hall Hotel. The new concept, which keeps the social distance of both guests and chefs, will be charged with a minimum of £ 800 and roughly £ 100 per person. The wine list will be curated by Tutto Wines with bottles sold at retail prices rather than the usual restaurant branding. “I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of this project, cooking alongside great chefs, for family and friends as they finally break bread together again,” said Claude Bosi, chef at the 2 Michelin-starred Bibendum.

As well as Bosi, chefs such as Oray’s Jackson Boxer, 12: 51’s James Cochran, Oklava chef Selin Kiazim and Spring’s Skye Gyngell are on the list for this particular concept, reported Evening Standard. Fellow Michelin-starred names include Rafael Cagali of Da Terra, Jeremy Chan of Ikoyi and Lee Westcott. Pasta masters including the Pophams team and Chris Leach of Manteca will also be on the list, as well as fellow Manteca chef David Carter, best known for barbecue restaurant Smokestak.



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