D Maris Bay will host Lorenzo di Gravio, the chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant Assaje, between August 23 and September 1. World-renowned chef Lorenzo di Gravio will bring exclusive tastes to guests at D Maris Kitchen with limited reservations.

Bringing the most distinguished examples of Turkish and world cuisines to its guests, D Maris Bay brings the special tasting menu of world-famous chef Lorenzo di Gravio to D Maris Kitchen. D Maris Kitchen brings together the lunch and dinner menus prepared with delicious seafood and refreshing dessert alternatives to gastronomy lovers.

Chef Lorenzo di Gravio’s wine selection, which matches the menu of unique tastes consisting of different cooking alternatives, crowns the tasting pleasure of the guests. At D Maris Kitchen, located on The Bay Beach, the longest beach of D Maris Bay, guests have the opportunity to experience the menu prepared by Lorenzo di Gravio for a week, accompanied by pleasant gastronomic conversations.



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