Two Michelin-starred chef Maria Marte teamed up with chef Amilkar Gonell and chef Pamela Gonell to prepare the biggest manguides ever, breaking the Guinness World Record. Chefs did their best at Flavor Fusion Fest in New York for the traditional dish of the Dominican Republic.

The record-breaking portion was served in a giant mold as a 645-kilogram meal. Food safety and nutrition consultant Jhack Sepulveda worked with chefs to make sure the record attempt was safe. The team was confirmed to be successful by an officer at the venue. It has been announced that 400 servings of the record meal will be donated to charities in North Manhattan.

Despierta América, the former Guinness World Record holder with the largest serving of mangu at 292 kilograms, has been holding the record since 2017.



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