In Qatar, which will host the World Cup, the biggest football organization in the world, restaurants are also preparing for the organization.

Preparations continue in Qatar for the world’s largest football organization. The food and beverage industry in Qatar is also busy with preparations. In the organization where there will be a wide participation from all over the world, it will be possible for the fans to have breakfast, lunch and dinner for 30 Euro a day.

Director of Qatar Tourism Berthold Trenkel said in a statement: “When we travel, all we want is to spend the day with a fast, cheap but delicious meal. Visitors to Qatar will also be able to eat delicious Qatar foods by paying only a few Qatari riyals.”

Shay AlShomous

Shay AlShomous, the owner of Shams Al Qassabi, a female entrepreneur from Qatar, offers authentic Qatari cuisine. The menus in the restaurant, where it is difficult to find a place during breakfast hours, correspond to an average of 6 Euro.

Shay AlShomous

Karak Mqanes

Representing traditional Qatari cuisine, Karak Mqanes will serve the fans with more than 20 branches. The average price of the foods on the menu is 5 Euro.

Karak Mqannes

Biryani Corner

One of the most important restaurants of South Asian cuisine in Qatar, Biryani Corner, it is possible to eat for 75 liras. There is also a takeaway service in the place where you can find biryani with vegetable, chicken, egg, or mutton.

Biryani Corner


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