Ladies of Restaurant women play an active role in the UK, showing their support in all areas. Volunteer chefs who prepare thousands of meals for health workers every day also work effectively in fundraising campaigns.

Founded by former cook and marketing guru Natalia Ribbe, Ladies of Restaurants is a women’s collective that seeks to address the gender gap in the food and drink and hospitality industry through supporting action. Since early April, Ribbe has been hosting a weekly chat show on Instagram Live called the Shift Show, where many women share recipes and inspiring stories in addition to highlighting the valuable projects many women have been leading in the wake of the pandemic. Among them is Mary Ellen McTague, chef-owner of Hello Creameries, a Manchester restaurant and wine bar, cooking for health workers in northern England. In London, Anna Haugh, the chef at Myrtle restaurant, is collaborating with the movement Hospitality for Heroes, which coordinates local chefs to provide free healthy meals from donations to the public’s health workers. Hospitality for Heroes can support 6 hospitals by making more than 1,000 meals a day by gaining momentum.



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