Paradiso, ranked 20th on The World’s 50 Best Bars list from Barcelona, Spain, offers its guests a unique experience with its new pandemic menu and terrace.

Six weeks after Paradiso, which ranked 20th in The World’s 50 Best Bars 2019, reopening on June 8, the government again imposed strict restrictions on restaurants and bars due to the increase in the number of cases in Barcelona and the surrounding area. With a relatively small interior space, Paradiso’s founder Giacomo Giannotti created a terrace with six tables in front of the bar to make the most of its outdoor space to stay open. Aiming to offer a unique experience to its guests with the terrace, Paradiso has designed a new menu focusing on Spritz, a refreshing drink synonymous with the summer season from the bartenders’ hometown of Italy.

“The menu includes four signature Spritz, refreshing and low ABV, all created with Spanish local products like vermouth, cider, sherry and wine,” says Giannotti, The World’s 50 Best reported. The ‘Clasico Revisitado’ features red fruits and chinotto, while the ‘Olimpo’ – the most delicate of the four – mixes Bergamot liqueur with dry vermouth and rose lemonade. ‘Campo Verde’ is a floral version of the drink, with elderflower liqueur, dry Spanish cider and matcha soda. Finally, ‘Atardecer’ is Giannotti’s highlight: “It’s the most complex version, mixing rosé vermouth with amontillado sherry and hibiscus soda,” he says. “You can taste the aromatic herbs of the vermouth with the nuttiness of the sherry and the freshness of the hibiscus soda, and it’s garnished with a shiso leaf.”



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