An offbeat travel company in the UK, Cookson Adventures, offers a chance to save the centuries-old wine, champagne and brandy bottles with an adventurous diving tours to a shipwreck, Mercury, which she sanked in 1918 on the Cornwall coast.

The ship named Mercury sailed from Bordeaux to England in 1918 and immersed by German U-boats with fine wine cargo in its cellar. Experts believe that deep sea conditions may have preserved the state of the bottles and may even improved it.

Cookson Adventures organizes a salvage operation with scientists, archaeologists and wine experts to collect 100 years of wine, champagne and brandy collections from the ship. And for a certain fee, invites a small number of lucky adventures to the salvage. Although Cookson Adventures didn’t declare the price for the time being, the company had previously arranged a similar diving tour to wreck of Titanic for about $ 100,000. The price of this private tour is expected to be a similar figure.

Participants who will be staying at the Cornish mansion on the coast of Falmouth in the south of England will be able to reach the rescue ship on a daily basis by helicopter. During the week-long staying, the participants will have a pleasant dinner experience with menus prepared by a private chef every evening, as well as very special wine tastings. The participants will also be trained in mapping of shipwrecks and planning and execution of rescue operations. Wine experts will be waiting on the deck with special technology that will enable them to test bottles without breaking the seal of the cork.

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