Gastronomy has become the shining star of the tourism sector in recent years. Gastronomy, which has developed in many branches such as education and media, is divided into different fields within itself. One of these areas is the gastronomic museums, which is an alternative form of Tourism. Gastronomy museums, which host many local and foreign tourists, show us many more gastro-cultures, from plants to wine, from culinary culture to chocolate, from olive oil to aromatic plants. We collected important gastronomic museums from different countries of the world in one title.

Chuck Williams Museum Of Culinary Arts

The Chuck Williams Museum of Culinary Arts hosts a comprehensive display of the kitchenware Chuck Williams collected during his lifetime and is a great place for culinary enthusiasts to learn about the history and traditions of American culinary heritage. The museum collection represents a rich heritage of culinary arts from around the world, with 18 and 19. it contains century-old treasures. Approximately 4,000 artefacts between the 1890s French copper cookware, ceramic and metal moulds, and early American and European baking and pastry equipment, chocolate and ice cream in addition to bread baking, and kitchen appliances, custom cooking utensils, tableware, large and small appliances and cookbooks are there.

Moroccan Museum Of Culinary Arts

The Moroccan Museum of Culinary Arts, Marrakech’s latest cultural project, opened on November 8, 2019, is located in the Mellah district of Medina, near the must-see Bahia Palace. 19. built-in a magnificent century-old palace, the museum was opened with the aim of preserving and promoting an intangible heritage. The Moroccan Museum of Culinary Arts, where you can explore the secrets of Moroccan gastronomy, showcases a wide range of traditional Moroccan dishes. These include the legendary couscous, pastilla, various tagine dishes, cooked Moroccan salads, bissara and the iconic harira soup, which comes from Andalusia and is widely used for breakfast during Ramadan. The Moroccan Museum of Culinary Arts aims to tell the history and story behind each dish and flavour.

Escoffier Museum Of Culinary Arts

The chef, restaurateur and food writer Auguste Escoffier, born in Villeneuve-Loubet, “the king of cooks and the cook of Kings,” brought international recognition to French cuisine. The Museum of Culinary Arts was founded in Auguste Escoffier’s house, where he was born in 1966. Visitors can admire a variety of items, including roasting skewers, braisers, cake and chocolate moulds, candy creations, chocolate sculptures, dressed tables and a collection of 1,500 old and modern menus. The museum, where Escoffier was born in 1846 was opened as a museum, celebrated 50th anniversary on May 2, 2016. The Escoffier Museum of Culinary Arts, the only museum dedicated to culinary arts in France, has recently renovated each room showcasing various historical artefacts related to French cuisine and, of course, Escoffier’s life and works.

Alimentarium Food Museum

The Alimentarium Food Museum on the shores of Lake Geneva explores various aspects of human food and nutrition from a historical, scientific and cultural perspective. The Alimentarium invites visitors of all ages to take a close look at how we eat with the visit full of history and emotions. Alimentarius, food production methods, nutrition and about the food culture and the function of the human digestive system through exploration three new exhibition space, experimentation and knowledge to develop educational, offers an interactive journey. The museum also offers numerous daily cookery workshops, as practice and testing are a distinctive part of the cook. Visitors can make and taste local or international dishes in these practices. Not only the museum’s exhibition spaces but also restaurants and workshops been completely renovated, but the Alimentarium now has access to its knowledge base through its digital platform. The museum aims to reference both amateurs and professionals in food and nutrition by providing unique digital content to children.

Emine Göğüş Kitchen Museum

Gaziantep, as we all know, is one of our famous cities in the world with its gastronomic culture. The Emine Göğüş Kitchen Museum was established in 2008 in order to reflect this culinary culture in Gaziantep, which has the rare culinary culture of our country. The museum, which was established in 2005 by former Minister of Tourism and Promotion Ali İhsan Goğüs, was allocated to Gaziantep Municipality and reflects the traditional culinary culture of Gaziantep province. The kitchen tools and equipments used in the cooking of Gaziantep are located in the museum. The museum provides information about Gaziantep’s local culinary culture, kitchen and table tools, guest hospitality, sahre (picnic) tradition, special day meals.

Choco Story

The chocolate museum Choco Story, located in Bruges, Belgium, offers its visitors a delicious history exhibition, telling the story of cocoa and chocolate from the Aztecs to the present day. They can also enjoy live chocolate-making demonstrations along with educational presentations at the museum, where all the equipment for cocoa, chocolate and chocolate making is displayed.

Gelato Museum

The Gelato Museum, which exhibits the evolution of velvety Italian ice cream in Bologna, Italy, has a deep source of knowledge of Italian ice cream. The original ice cream-making tools, accessories and machines from the past to the present take a historic journey through the history of ice cream, offering its visitors a large collection. The most interesting part of the Gelato Museum, which also aims to inform about ice cream and gelato history with its remarkable visuals and presentations, is the tasting area where visitors can try ice cream and dessert in different types of density.

Museum Of Bread Culture

The Museum of Bread Culture, founded in Germany in 1955, is a confluence of a large collection of bread and bread culture. The museum houses a large and impressive collection of 16,000 pieces of art, including paintings and sculptures, in addition to bread-making materials and objects. Works of art include like by great painters such as Picasso, Rembrandt and Salvador Dali.



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