The economic effects of the coronavirus outbreak, which deeply affects the world, continue to affect the HoReCa sector day by day. Money flows are hampered because restaurants, cafes and hotels closed and with ongoing payments such as bills, rent and employee fees, businesses are going through a tough time. One of the solutions that supports the HoReCa industry by ensuring the flow of money is to sell vouchers and gift cards for use when restaurants open. In this way, restaurants can provide the flow of money during the quarantine period and continue to communicate with future customers after the crisis. Here is the list of formations that have launched coupon apps around the world:

Dining Bond Initiative

In the global Dining Bond Initiative, where restaurants, bars and cafes can register for free, customers can buy discount cards, vouchers or certificates from registered restaurants below their fee. There are 394 registered restaurants/cafes in North America and 91 registered restaurants/cafes in Europe, as well as registered restaurants in Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. At the same time, you can see registered businesses on the map.

Horeca Comeback

Through the Horeca Comeback, created to support restaurants, bars and cafes in Belgium, customers can search restaurants through the website and get vouchers or discounts from their favourite restaurants. With Horeca Comeback, businesses that can register on their websites can get through this difficult period with the support of their customers in a more comfortable way.

Local for Later

Located in 11 cities in America, The Local For Later initiative supports the standing of local small businesses after the coronavirus crisis. You can see registered businesses through the website and receive discount cards or vouchers to get through the crisis. Local for Later applies not only to local restaurants but also to businesses such as local book shops and theatres.

Help de Horeca

Restaurants and hotels in the Netherlands can register for Help de Horeca, and customers can receive vouchers from registered businesses to help businesses get through this difficult process by relaxing the flow of money.

SquareMeal Gift Vouchers

With SquareMeal Gift Vouchers, which is valid in the United Kingdom, restaurants, bars and cafes can register through the website to sell vouchers and gift cards to their customers for later use during the quarantine period. You can purchase coupons or gift cards through the website, also you can book for later days after coronavirus.

Support Local

The Support Local initiative, in which all restaurants throughout the United States can register on their websites, unites a large group of restaurants under one roof. Through their website, customers can search for the city they want and receive coupons or discount cards from the registered restaurant list.

Chope and Save

Gift cards or vouchers can be purchased from registered businesses such as local restaurants, bars and cafes in Singapore via the Chope and Save website. The initiative, which supports not only restaurants but also small local businesses such as book shops, has a pretty wide roster of sign-ups.

Umai Restaurant Resource

Malaysia-based software Umai Restaurant Resource is a software company where restaurants, bars and cafes can easily reach their customers with buy-to-buy, takeaway, gift card and coupon applications as a record. It is easy to help customers through the software company that works in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam.

Dine Out India

Dine out India, which has a network of 50 thousand restaurants in 20 countries in India, provides support to the sector by receiving coupons from local restaurants through its website.



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