Asia’s famous chef Vicky Lau brings the signature flavors of the Michelin-starred TATE Dining Room to homes with Date by Tate.

Michelin starred and named Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2015 Vicky Lau presents Date by TATE, a new private home cooking experience and online gourmet shopping platform that brings the Michelin starred restaurant experience straight to home. The service is designed to be used for any occasion, from birthdays to appointment nights or just to celebrate the end of a busy week. Date by TATE takes the home dining experience to a whole new level with a fully equipped multi-service menu, drink pairing and a specially selected music playlist.

Chef Lau said: “Date by TATE isn’t your average restaurant takeaway and delivery service. Our team has worked tirelessly to design a French Chinese home gastronomic experience that reflects the quality of any dine-in journey at TATE Dining Room, down to the last details. In today’s stressful COVID-19 era, we hope to give our guests all the tools they need to celebrate meaningful occasions over exquisite cuisine, even despite the current lockdown restrictions.”

Similar to the hotel’s room service, Date by TATE team will arrange for pick-up of all items after completion of your meal, the Food and Wine Gazette reported. As much as possible, ingredients are sourced locally and seasonally, and always cooked with home in mind. Available on Tuesday – Saturday, the Gastronomy Gourmet Boxes will be produced in limited quantities of only 30 per day.



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