Founder of Bodega Tapiz, Patricia Ortiz, has revealed that her Patagonian winery Wapisa is experimenting with underwater ageing, submerging 1,500 bottles of a Malbec blend in the sea for seven months.

Ortiz notes that the project, carried out by Wapisa, part of Fincas Patagonias, is the first of its kind in Argentina. Wapisa is ageing a total of 1,500 bottles of a Malbec blend for seven months at different depths as part of its new “coastal terroir” project. The bottles were placed in three crates between 6 and 15 metres off the Atlantic Río Negro Coast. Ortiz said hearing that 170-year-old champagne bottles had been recovered from a shipwreck in 2010 inspired her to start the project. After 7 months, they will see if 7 months of ageing underwater is equal to 7 years on land, with wines to be tasted alongside their colleagues. according to the news on The Drinks Business, Ortiz stated that: We are looking forward to making wines that not only reflect the unique coastal terrior of Wapisa but also encompass the impacts of the sea.”



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