Gastromasa, which is held every year in Istanbul with the aim of creating a bridge between cultures and brings world-famous gastronomy stars together on the same platform, opens up to the world. Sözen Group CEO Gökmen Sözen and Ukraine State Tourism Development Agency President Mariana Oleskiv shared the conference program with a meeting attended by industry professionals for the organization planned to be held in Ukraine as well as Istanbul in 2022.

Preparations have started for Gastromasa Ukraine, the first step of which was taken with the signing ceremony held in front of the Ukrainian press. Mariana Oleskiv and Gökmen Sözen, who shared the details of the organization at the meeting attended by the restaurant owners, chefs and hotel general managers, answered the questions from the guests. Saying that the theme of Gastromasa Ukraine will be ‘Product’ this year, Gökmen Sözen emphasized the agricultural diversity and gastronomic richness of Ukraine.

Gastromasa, which brings together world-renowned chefs and opinion leaders of gastronomy on the same platform every year, will start with a city and gastronomy tour in Ukraine. In this gastro-tour that will start in the city of Odessa, the most special spots of the city and vineyards will be visited and the richness of the region will be shared with the guests. Afterwards, guests who will continue this tour in Kyiv will have the opportunity to experience Ukrainian gastronomy and culture before the conference. Saying that Gastromasa is much more than a conference besides being one of the most important gastronomy organizations in the world, Gökmen Sözen said, “We cannot think of Gastromasa as just a conference or a dining event. If we are hosting an event in a country, it is very important to host and promote the country well. A country may have good chefs, but publicity is very important. One of the most important features of this event is that the international press is meeting on the same platform.”

At the International Gastromasa Gastronomy Conference, which will be held with the participation of thousands of people after the gastronomy tour, the stars of the gastronomy world will share their experiences, perspectives on gastronomy and culinary secrets with the guests. Gastromasa, one of the most distinguished gastronomy conferences in the world, is appreciated by international media and gastronomy organizations every year for the interaction and bridge between cultures it creates.



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