In response to days of protests and growing police interventions in the US after the murder of George Floyd, restaurant owners provided funds to organizations focused on racial equality and police reform despite the damage and looting of restaurants during protests.

In some cities, such as Los Angeles, protests and a government-mandated curfew coincided with the first weekend in which food was allowed to be eaten in restaurants. However, after months of loss of revenue due to coronavirus, restaurant owners across the country supported the protests by donating their income to organizations supporting the struggle for equality. Restaurants in Atlanta, Austin, Nashville, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC and many more have donated insufficient revenue from business models such as delivery or take-off, despite being badly damaged or looted during these protests. At the same time, restaurants continue to offer their support in all areas, making their voices heard on social media for the protests and the Black Lives Matter movement, The Eater reported.



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