The Turkish food industry will participate with 10 companies in the Specialty Food Live 2021 Fair, which targets the USA and will take place digitally. Turkish delicacies will be introduced to importers around the world at the digital fair to be held between May 10-14.

EİB Coordinator President Jak Eskinazi, whose views were given by the Aegean Exporters Unions (EİB), which undertook the Turkish National Participation Organization of the fair, gave the information that Turkey exported 970 million dollars worth of food products to the USA in 2020.

Stating that they have been organizing national participation in the Summer Fancy Food Show Fair held in New York city of the USA for about 25 years, Eskinazi said, “This year we could not organize the physical fair due to the pandemic. We want to maintain our presence in the US market by participating digitally in the Specialty Food Live 2021 Fair. 10 companies will promote Turkish food products at this fair. “We will continue our promotional and marketing efforts to increase our exports of food products, which is 970 million dollars in the US market, to 1.5 billion dollars.”

EIB Coordinator Vice President Birol Celep stated that the Turquality Project, in which 6 food associations joined their forces to promote Turkish food products more effectively in the US market, continued successfully. Stating that they made Turkish cuisine included in the curriculum of the University of Las Vegas William F. Harraf Tourism and Hotel Management School, Celep also stated that they organized “Hybrid Tasting Events” promoting Turkish delicacies to US buyers and chefs.



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