With Tripadvisor’s newly launched Health for Hotels program, health workers will be able to connect to hotels that provide rooms in time of need.

Health workers battling with the coronavirus outbreak are unable to go home because they are tired or they are afraid of infecting the virus. Many hotels have opened their doors to support health workers. In TripAdvisor’s exclusive Health for Hotels programme for healthcare workers in the UK, health workers can easily see hotels with available rooms and reserve a room for themselves. “At this challenging time, we know Tripadvisor can play a unique role in helping to support the accommodation needs of frontline medical workers who seek out temporary housing, and we’re pleased to ask our hotel partners to do the same,” said Kanika Soni, Chief Advertising Officer of Tripadvisor. “We know so many frontline medical workers can’t simply return home after work because they live with someone with a compromised immune system, so Tripadvisor is proud to offer help where possible,” she said.



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