Los Angeles’ plant-based restaurants bring great flavor and great vibrancy to the food scene. With the spread of vegan diet in recent years, the city has started to host many vegan restaurants. Here are the vegan restaurants preferred by Los Angeles residents every day…

Gracias Madre West Hollywood

While Gracias Madre has always been known for its cocktails and scene, lately the food has been gaining even more attention. New group executive chef Justin Haefler, who previously ran Red O in Los Angeles and cooked for one of Hong Kong’s larger hospitality groups, has revamped the all-plant-based menu with comfort foods and healthy fare.

Nic’s On Beverly

Nic Adler maintains a strong presence in Los Angeles with Monty’s Good Burger, but the sit-down restaurant in the old Terrine area is well worth a visit. With an all-day menu, chilaquile, pizza or “fish” and chips, an enjoyable vegan dining experience is always possible.

Real Food Daily

Los Angeles’ oldest vegan restaurant, Real Food Daily, offers an all-day menu of chocolate and banana pancakes or a creamy alfredo pasta recipe with cashew “cheese” sauce that has been tested and perfected for decades.

De Buena Planta

In 2020, Venice’s Butcher’s Daughter opened the mostly vegan De Buena Planta, where the beach vibe meets plenty of tacos with fabulous cocktails, mezcal, aguas frescas, gluten-free options, and options like cauliflower, potatoes, or mushrooms. The restaurant has been one of the city’s most popular venues ever since.



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