Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge announced that he received 654 reservation cancellations in one week at one of his restaurants. Addressing the authorities so that the new Covid-19 measures do not harm the food and beverage industry, Kerridge said, “Many places will crumble without help…”

Tom Kerridge, who runs six restaurants in London, Manchester, and Buckinghamshire, asked what the government would do to support the hospitality industry. Speaking on the tightening of Covid-19 measures and the possibility of re-closure, Kerridge appealed to the authorities for help.

Tom Kerridge said on Twitter, “Here we are… This is the list of cancellations taken in one of our restaurants in the past six days… 654 guests I understand why. Public health is the most important thing. But what will the government do to support the industry? Many places will crumble without help…”

To prevent the spread of the Omicron variant, the UK government has implemented new restrictions. Negotiations are ongoing regarding the steps to be taken to prevent the restaurant industry from being affected by these restrictions.



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