Teppanyaki restaurants, where you eagerly expect your meal to be prepared while sitting in front of the chef, have become one of the unchanging elements of Japanese cuisine. This food culture, which gained a place later among other Japan’s traditional dishes, soon became a favourite of both tourists and locals. We have put the best teppanyaki restaurants, which turning cooking into a visual feast, in Tokyo under the scope for you.

Misono Ginza

The newest of the Misono restaurants, the inventor of the teppanyaki concept in 1945, is located in Ginza, Tokyo. Your dining experience reaches another dimension while watching Ginza, which is one of Tokyo’s largest centres, behind the glass. In a modern atmosphere, watching the lively view of the city, all that’s left is to enjoy your Kobe steak prepared in front of you. Featuring a total of 5 restaurants, Misono is one of Tokyo’s best teppanyaki restaurants with its branch in Ginza.


Ginmeisui Ginza

Ginmeisui easily ranks among the best of the teppanyaki concept in Tokyo, combining flavour and elegance under the executive chef’s deep knowledge of Kobe steak. The venue’s delicious Kobe steak and carefully selected wine and sake take the meat to another dimension. Ginmeisui Ginza is one of Tokyo’s best teppanyaki restaurants, with its modern atmosphere and delicious food to appeal to your 5 senses.


Hakushu Teppanyaki

Hakushu, located in Shibuya, Tokyo, continues to impress its guests with its taste as one of the city’s best teppanyaki restaurants. While waiting for your meal to be prepared in a relaxed environment, fried vegetables add flavor to your meat, while opening your appetite. As well as Kobe steak, one of its most coveted flavors is Wagyu steak, which manages to pick up meat lovers in one spot, making it one of the best.


Ginza Ukai-Tei

Ukai-Tei is located in Ginza and you embark on a delicious journey between antique furniture belonging to Japanese and Western culture. Ukai-Tei has created its unique style by combining French style with Japanese cuisine, offering its guests the best Japanese black beef. With carefully selected seasonal vegetables and seafood from all over the world, it also takes its place among Tokyo’s bests, bringing its flavours to another point.




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