The innovative and distinctive name of German gastronomy, Sühring Brothers says it is their greatest passion to create new plates. Their philosophy is based on quality, seasonal products and simplicity.

Cooking is always a strong factor for Sühring Brothers. Mathias and Thomas Sühring learned traditional techniques of cooking in their grandparents farm in early age. They spend their childhood learning these techniques such as fermentation, pickling, smoking, drying, feed, etc.

The flavor journey of German chef brothers

Not long after that, the two are on their way to Europe and Thailand. Suhring Brothers, who are closely interested in the variety of products in Thailand, mention the fact that there are more fruit and vegetable production and density on this field. Suhring Brothers, who says that the products they use in Thailand come from small producers and they want to contribute to the development of these local producers.

Sühring experience

Innovation is very important in Sühring experience concept. The Sühring Brothers are inspired by their childhood memories and traditional German cooking methods while presenting their national cuisine. With the plates prepared every week, they offer the Sühring experience to food lovers in an innovative way each week. The Sühring Brother’s most preferred product is a German bread called ‘Brotzeit’. Brothers, who expressed their readiness to make the best sourdough bread every day; “We started our culture two years ago and it makes us happy to watch it progress regularly.”



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