Thomas Keller has added a new one to his work for sustainable cuisine. Collaborating with the new environmentally friendly sweetener Supplant, Keller presented the chocolates he prepared using this product to his guests.

Talking about the collaboration, Thomas Keller said, “Supplant allows us to make chocolates that are as delicious as the chocolate we make at The French Laundry, but with the added benefits of improved human and environmental health.”

According to environmental organizations, many sweeteners on the market consume large amounts of water and cause carbon emissions. However, Supplant differs from other brands at this point. In many countries, farmers burn leftovers from their harvest that are not used for food. Supplant claims that it contributes to sustainability by using these wastes.

While many chefs avoid using anything other than classic cane sugar on their menu, Thomas Keller is in favor of using this sweetener, which prevents food from being wasted. “Nutrition is always at the forefront of what we do; being able to add nutritional impact to our foods, and therefore to our bodies. Supplant sugars from the fiber is yer another prime example that prioritizes this, as well as emphasizes sustainability, innovation, and health” Keller said.



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