Thomas Keller, the chef of the world-famous 3 Michelin star The French Laundry, announced that he would help his furloughed employees with the proceeds by opening his private wine cellar to the public.

“We have decided for the first time to release our library vintages of Modicum, the private-label wine created for The French Laundry. These exceptional wines are offered at an outstanding value, but with limited availability due to our small production” said Thomas Keller, noting that some of the proceeds will be directed to furloughed employees. The proceeds will be used to support the staff of the French Laundry, Thu Se, Ad Hoc, Bouchon Bistro and Bouchon through the Keller Restaurant Relief Fund.

During the pandemic, world-renowned chef Keller held a lobby congress to save the restaurant industry, along with masterclasses on Instagram during the pandemic and began the fight against the insurance industry to force business cut costs.



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