The World’s 50 Best Bars 2019 list will be unveiled on Thursday, October 3, 2019 at an award ceremony in London. The list of bars between 51 and 100 was announced before the top 50.

Here are the list of bars:

No.100 Clover Club in New York, USA

No.99 Aviary in Chicago, USA

No.98 Mabel in Paris, France

No.97 The Gibson in London, UK

No.96 Frank Bar in São Paulo, Brazil

No.95 PS40 in Sydney, Australia

No.94 Amor y Amargo in New York, USA

No.93 The Pontiac in Hong Kong, China

No.92 Tropic City in Bangkok, Thailand

No.91 Lost Lake in Chicago, USA

No.90 Nutmeg & Clove in Singapore

No.89 Bar Orchard Ginza in Tokyo, Japan

No.88 Sin+Tax in Johannesburg, South Africa

No.87 Donovan Bar in London, UK

No.86 Nottingham Forest in Milan, Italy

No.85 Bar Trench in Tokyo, Japan

No.84 Le Syndicat in Paris, France

No.83 Charles H in Seoul, South Korea

No.82 Drink Kong in Rome, Italy

No.81 ABV in San Francisco, USA

No.80 Black Pearl in Melbourne, Australia

No.79 The Baxter Inn in Sydney, Australia

No.78 Satan’s Whiskers in London, UK

No.77 Panda & Sons in Edinburgh, UK

No.76 Long Island Bar in New York, USA

No.75 Lobster Bar in Hong Kong, China

No.74 Dry Martini in Barcelona, Spain

No.73 Central Station in Beirut, Lebanon

No.72 BlackTail in New York, USA

No.71 Quinary in Hong Kong, China

No.70 Baccano in Rome, Italy

No.69 Siete Negronis in Santiago, Chile

No.68 Danico in Paris, France

No.67 Sweet Liberty in Miami, USA

No.66 Bulletin Place in Sydney, Australia

No.65 Hanky Panky in Mexico City, Mexico

No.64 Oriole in London, UK

No.63 Buck and Breck in Berlin, Germany

No.62 Zuma in Dubai, UAE

No.61 28 HongKong Street in Singapore

No.60 Tommy’s in San Francisco, USA

No.59 Tales & Spirits in Amsterdam, Netherlands

No.58 Candelaria in Paris, France

No.57 Two Schmucks in Barcelona, Spain

No.56 Bar Benfiddich in Tokyo, Japan

No.55 Scarfes Bar in London, UK

No.54 The Bamboo Bar at Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok, Thailand

No.53 Lost & Found in Nicosia, Cyprus

No.52 Tayēr + Elementary in London, UK

No.51 SubAstor in São Paulo, Brazil



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