A first in One of the world’s best gastronomic reviews, “the world’s 50 Best Restaurants” history.

Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant 2020 winners have been announced. Due to coronavirus measures, the best 50 Asian restaurants of the year announced the award ceremony today at 11.00 in Turkey time. The difference from the other years was that the ceremony was held only on YouTube and Facebook channels and the winners were announced live.

The best restaurant in Asia is Odette from Singapore, chef Julien Royer’s restaurant. Second place went to” The Chairman,“ while the third-best restaurant of 2020 was named” The Den.”

The live broadcast, which began with a message of togetherness during these challenging times, was transformed into an enjoyable broadcast with images of award-winning restaurants. With messages of support from all over the world, the awards were handed out and joy and togetherness for the industry in challenging times were once again provided with the award ceremony for Asia’s top 50 restaurants.

Individual awards:

2020 Miele One To Watch Award winner: Masque Mumbai, India

Asia’s Best Pastry Chef Of 2020: Natsuko Shoji

Asia’s Best Female Chef of 2020: Cho Hee-sook

2020 American Express Icon Award: Yoshihiro Murata

2020 Inedit Chefs ‘ Choice Award: Yusuko Takada

2020 Gin Mare Art of Hospitality Award: Les Amis Singapore

Here are Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants:

50) Nouri Singapore

49) Inua Tokyo, Japan

48) L’effervescence Tokyo, Japan

47) 80/20 Bangkok, Thailand

46) Sushi Saito Tokyo, Japan

45) Bukhara New Delhi, India

44) Toyo Eatery Manila, Philippines

43) Shoun RyuGin Taipei, Taiwan

42) Cornor House Singapore

41) Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet Shanghai, China

40) La maison de la Nature Coh Fokukoa, Japan

39) Bo.Lan Bangkok, Thailand

38) Paste Bongkok, Thailand

37) Locavore Bali, Indonesia

36) Raw Taipei, Taiwan

35) Ode Tokyo, Japan

34) Hansikgonggan Seoul, South Korea

33) Lung King Heen Hong Kong,China

32) E Mezzo Bombana Hong Kong, China

31) Amber Hong Kong, China

30) Ministry of Crab Colomba, Sri Lanka

29) Sazenka Tokyo, Japan

28) Zen Singapore

27) Toctoc Seoul, South Korea

26) JL Studio Taichung, Taiwan

25) Seventh Son Hong Kong, China

24) Nihanryori Ryugin Tokyo, Japan

23) Sichuan Moon Macau, China

22) Wing Lei Palace Macau, China

21) Jaan by Kirk Westaway Singapore

20) Fu He Hui Shanghai, China

19) Neighborhood Hong Kong, China

18) Mume Taipei, Taiwan

17) Il Ristorante Luca Fantin Tokyo, Japan

16) Sorn Bangkok, Thailand

15) Gaa Bangkok, Thailand

14) Mingles Seoul, South Korea

13) Indian Accent New Delhi, India

12) Vea Hong Kong, China

11) Les Amis Singapore (and Gin Mare hospitality Art Award)

10) La Cime Osaka, Japan

9) Narisawa Tokyo, Japan

8) Le Du Bangkok,Thailand

7) Florilege Tokyo, Japan

6) Sühring Bangkok, Thailand

5) Burnt Ends Singapore

4) Belon Hong Kong, China

3) Den Tokyo ,Japan (and 2020 Japan’s Best Restaurant Award)

2) The Chairman Honk Kong, China (and 2020 China’s Best Restaurant Award)

1) Odette Singapore (and 2020 Singapore’s Best Restaurant Award)



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