Kiko Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Lounge’s addition of a $ 2.19 coronavirus surcharge to a customer’s total bill sparked huge repercussions on social media last week.

The customer who went to the Kiko Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Lounge in Missouri, USA, shared a crumpled receipt on her social media account, prompting a huge backlash. The shared receipt included a $ 2.19 surcharge with the caption “Covid-19 surcharge” below the customer’s total expenses. While some of the people who responded to the sharing approached this situation with understanding due to the recession and costs of the sector, others reacted quite greatly. Kiko Japanese Steakhouse shared some news about the rising meat prices by saying, “Today we put more signage [in the restaurant]. Please understand, we can’t control the rising cost of meat, seafood, poultry and produce. We are at the second bottom of supply chains before you! We only [sic] doing this for temporary only, we plan to take this surcharge off once all the prices back to normal.” However, the firm said it would adjust prices by removing this surcharge as reactions continued and the firm said employees were harassed by customers.



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