Everything you need to know about cocktails is in Imbiblia, Canada-based developer Jean-Marc Dykes’ cocktail guide app.

If you don’t know what to drink or if you get lost in the bar menus when you want to try something different, it means you haven’t met this application yet.

The app Imbiblia, developed by Canadian developer Jean-Marc Dykes, is the digital version of a long recipe book. The application, designed for bartenders, restaurants, and cocktail enthusiasts, has a simple user interface and 450 recipes. You can see all the details of whether your drink should be shaken or stirred, served over ice or neat, in a glass type, the ingredients used in the cocktail, and their quantities. Imbiblia, a complete library with an alphabetical cocktail list, also includes summary information about the history of each drink.

After more than ten years working behind bar counters Jean-Marc Dykes, quit his job and started to work on the project he had always dreamed of. After building the app over nine months, he launched Imbiblia on the iOS App Store last August and then on the Google Play Store in September. It has been ranked the number one food and beverage app by Apple a couple of times since its launch and has been downloaded over a thousand times by cocktail enthusiasts of all types.



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