The life of Wolfgang Puck, the founder of the iconic Spago restaurant in Los Angeles and one of the first ‘celebrity’ chefs in the USA, has become a documentary. The documentary about the rise in the career and private life of Wolfgang Puck, one of the most famous chefs in the world, is sincere, inspiring and emotional.

The kitchen, which he chose as a way to escape from the harsh management of his stepfather during his youth in Austria, became an indispensable part of Wolfgang Puck’s life. His apprenticeship in France before leaving for the USA at the age of 24 played a major role in developing his skills. In the Hollywood of the 70s, Wolfgang Puck started working at Ma Maison and popularized this restaurant with its interesting menus. However, disagreements with Ma Maison’s owner would push Puck to take the biggest risk of his career and open his first restaurant, Spago. The documentary “Wolfgang” from Disney Channel was produced in collaboration with director David Gelb and the creators of Chef’s Table.



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