Earlier in his career, his experience at Mugaritz became a breaking point for Guzman. After returning to Chile, Guzman decided to open a different restaurant then what he saw in Europe and became the first restaurant in Chile, to receive the title of ‘Sustainable Restaurant’ by Latin America’s 50 Best List.

Stating that sustainability is a necessity in Chile, Guzman emphasizes the importance of working with small producers despite the risk of bankruptcy. In addition, his farm project, which was launched in 2013, is also used to raise the vast majority of the products they serve.

In Borago, even the tables are made from recycled wood and many materials such as dinnerware are hand-made. Chef Guzman says that the most important work they do for sustainability is to give people the principles to respect the nature. “I am happy that we have won the Sustainable Restaurant Award, but the main thing is that other people should be encouraged to understanding by seeing this”



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