A series of atmospheric images released by Snøhetta, the architecture studio behind Norway’s iconic restaurant Under, show how the submerged exterior has been covered with marine life in the three years since the restaurant’s opening.

The restaurant on Norway’s southwest coast has been designed in a very special way. The underwater dining room of Under, which has windows with sea view, was designed to integrate with its surroundings over time. The roughness of the outer concrete shell is designed to attract seaweed, making it a biodiverse sanctuary for marine life.

Europe’s first underwater restaurant Under has a feature that attracts life. Thanks to its structure, chefs can collect materials from the roof of the restaurant. The restaurant was designed by Snøhetta in collaboration with marine biologists to create an environmentally responsible restaurant. Since its initial construction, stones have been added to the seafloor, attracting more wildlife and creating a breeding ground for organisms, many of which, particularly mussels, have been part of Under’s menu.

The success of the project shows the harmonisation of restaurant and food production with the surrounding natural environment, with the building acting as an education facility to allow diners and researchers to observe nature up close without disturbing it.



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