The first episode of Chief Gordon Ramsay’s new Uncharted program at National Geographic was released and the program received some criticism.

Gordon Ramsay received many criticisms claiming to try to fill the gap left by Chef Anthony Bourdain, who died in 2018. American chef, author Eddie Huang, shared a tweet criticizing Gordon Ramsay after the first episode of the program. Eddie Huang said that: “The last thing the food world needs right now is Gordon Ramsay.”

After the first episode aired on July 21, which received many different interpretations, he received an inadequate attempt to follow Anthony Bourdain’s footsteps. Forbes magazine also made a positive review for the program. Forbes said the program is a world trip adventure worth watching.

In the first episode, Ramsay went to Peru’s high altitude, where he briefed chef Virgilio Martinez on Peru’s local products and dishes, and prepared Peru’s traditional cuy – guinea pig.

The series has a total of six parts: Morocco, Laos, New Zealand, Alaska and Hawaii.



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