Unlike its usual branches, Burger King opens its meat-free branch in Germany for the first time. The branch, which will be located in the city of Cologne, cooperates with Vegetarian Butcher for the project.

Vegetarian Butcher, who has worked with Burger King for a long time, was supplying the restaurant chain with meat products they created with herbal products such as wheat gluten and soy. Vegetarian Butcher, which was previously on the Burger King menu with vegan chicken options, announced that they will open a new branch in Germany this summer, with only herbal products. At the same time, German customers will be able to order the Rebel Whopper, a plant-based meatball, at Burger King.

The purpose of this restaurant, which will be valid between 7-11 June, is to introduce Burger King’s Chicken Royale sandwich made with vegan meat to Cologne. At the same time, to prove that there is not much difference in taste between herbal and animal products.



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