With the pandemic that reshaped the world, while the restaurant sector is in an existential crisis, all eyes have turned to the world’s top chefs for clues to the changes. During this period, when many restaurants were looking for solutions, world-renowned chefs turned the crisis into opportunity with creative solutions from different parts of the world and once again wrote their names in the industry in golden letters. New concepts, new interior designs, projects and menus in the quarantine process, almost renewed restaurants have already started to serve their guests with a new breath.

New project from Roca brothers

At the airy Àgora event space in Vilablareix, Spain, dishes created by the Roca brothers will meet customers at affordable prices. In addition to the menu, which will feature brothers’ iconic dishes, guests will take a taste tour with a barbecue area, where many dishes such as the fresh fish grill and traditional dishes will be served. The new projects, which will meet with guests between Tuesday and Saturday, will serve with a system that allows reservations up to 15 days in advance.

Noma 3.0 By Rene Redzepi

Rene Redzepi, one of the creators of Scandinavian cuisine, continues to lead the way with the new post-pandemic version of his restaurant Noma, which is among the best restaurants in the world. In the new menu of the chef who has achieved many successes with 2 Michelin star Noma, hamburger and wine are included. With his burger menu which has a vegetarian option and the intimacy of its picnic covers, Redzepi has given the hamburger a new meaning. In order to reach everyone, he continued his new concept for 6 to 8 weeks and in the past weeks, he has returned to his old concept with his unique menu.

2 new restaurants from Sergio Herman

3 Michelin-starred chef Herman’s latest projects, Le Pristine Restaurant and Le Pristine Café, used the quarantine period to prepare for the opening. The celebrity chef, who promises a different concept than he has always used, offers a restaurant with an impressive interior that creates an international quality with its contemporary and stylish vibe. The cuisine of Le Pristine restaurant will be a unique blend of tradition and innovation, with a comprehensive and perfectly matched, balanced wine list. Celebrity chef Sergio’s reflection of his Zeeland origins can be felt in the fish and shellfish on the menu.

New menu and interior design from Mirazur

Mirazur’s chef Mauro Colagreco and his wife Julia Colagreco, who was named the best restaurant in the world, have changed Mirazur’s interior design to breathe a new life into their restaurant, which has breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. In addition to the changes, which were not limited only to the interior design, the idea of creating an entirely new menu around the pillars of biodynamic agriculture and the power of the moon and stars came about: the Universe Mirazur. Biodynamic agriculture in which plants are grown according to the periods of the month; with a new menu created for each phase, consisting of roots, leaves, fruits and flowers, guests will be able to feel the rhythm of the moon.

The menu that makes you feel the rhythm from Massimo Buttura

World-renowned chef Massimo Bottura’s 3 Michelin-starred restaurant, Osteria Francescana, offers its guests the rhythm of the music with its inventive new menu. In the new menu called ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’, inspired by The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album, the dishes were named after popular songs of the album. The mDay, which has food names like’ A day in the Life ‘and’ Yellow Submarine’, was born when Bottura asked his team to prepare recipes inspired by the album during the quarantine.

Christophe Hardiquest 7 days a week

Celebrity chef Christophe Hardiquest, who presents his Michelin experience with Bon Bon 4 days a week in Brussels, will start welcoming his guests every day with his new concept. In his new adventure, Chef Hardiquest will continue to serve with Le Bon Bistro 3 days a week between Sunday and Tuesday. The new bistro concept, which will be run by Adrien Cunnac, who has worked with the celebrity chef for 8 years, aims to use both space and time more effectively. With part-time fine dining and part-time bistro service, the celebrity chef is making a quick entrance to the post-pandemic era.



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