French chef Dominique Crenn traces her passion for culinary beginnings as a child away from the male-dominated system of France. She moved to San Francisco in 1988 and crowned her Works at Atelier Crenn, which she opened in 2011. With three Michelin stars in a short period of time, Crenn is named the world’s best female chef. These achievements make she only female chef in America who has achieved such a success.

Dominique Creen focuses on cuisine as a craft and society as an inspiration at the modern French restaurant Atelier Crenn in San Francisco. Crenn is also the recipient of the best female chef in the world award at The World’s 50 Best 2016 organized by San Pellegrino. In 2017, its restaurant Atelier Crenn was named one of the best restaurants in the world, while in 2018, Crenn finally received three Michelin stars.

Active member of the cuisine community

There is a powerful influence on her kitchen art and kitchen love by her parents. Crenn always take inspiration from her mother who an adventurer chef visited high profile restaurants and her father who a politician with his food writer friends visited Michelin starred restaurants. In 1988, the French chef moved to San Francisco and officially started her culinary education. As an active member of the international cuisine community, Crenn has participated in various panels and summits; it advocates cooperation, innovation, sustainability and equality.

Atelier Crenn welcomes each guest with a poem

Dominique Crenn offers a different experience in its luxurious dining room at its restaurant, Atelier Crenn, just steps from the San Francisco Bay. Her father Allain, whom he always respected, hangs on the walls of the restaurant. Atelier Crenn, on the other hand, welcomes every guest with a poem. Each line symbolizes food presentation. The menu focuses more on vegetables and seafood. Crenn selects wines from all over the world from wine producers who believe in the responsibility of the soil.

Inspired by nature in avant-garde cuisine

Crenn always proves her success in the kitchen with her awards and achievements. The successful chef has been preparing her menus since 2011, inspired by nature in her progressive and avant-garde cuisine. Crenn is also a defender of social justice. It always raises awareness of the impact of food production and waste on the environment. Successful chef finally opens Bar Crenn in March 2018.

A visual and textural kitchen

At the same time, Netflix has a documentary film at the Chef’s Table 2. season, the kitchen of the Crenn that appears human-centered philosophy, encourages a culture of fun and balanced work. Chef Dominique Crenn sees himself as an artist, calling her food “poetical culinaria”. Providing a visual, textural and conceptual kitchen, Crenn also welcomes guests by visiting tables.



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