The Best Chef Awards, one of the world’s most prestigious gastronomy awards, where the best chefs of the year are determined, brought together star names in a magnificent event held in Amsterdam last night. Dabiz Muñoz, the successful chef of the world-famous DiverXo brand, eanked number one in the Top100 list of the year. We met with Dabiz Muñoz, with whom we had an exclusive interview at Foodinlife, on this special night and shared his happiness.

After Dabiz Muñoz, which ranked at the top of the Top100, Swedish chef Björn Frantzén is in secon place and Andoni Luis Aduriz from Mugaritz in San Sebastian is in third place. Aduriz, who was in the 45th place on the list last year, takes a huge jump to the 3rd place this year. Here are the chefs of the year who won the world’s most prestigious gastronomy award:

The Best Chef Top100 Award: Dabiz Muñoz – Spain

The Best Chef Rising Star Award: Fatmata Binta – Sierra Leone
This young chef wins this award as an appreciation for her talent and progress in the world of gastronomy.

The Best Chef Fol-LOVERS Award: Manoella “Manu” Buffara – Brazil
This award values the opinion of the audience of The Best Chef’s followers on social media.

The Best Chef Pastry Award: Maša Salopek – Slovenia
This award celebrates the best pastry chef among all the chefs.

 The Best Chef Food Art Award: Vicky Lau – China
This award is dedicated to the Best Artist among all the chefs.

The Best Chef Gourmet Award: RIJKS – Amsterdam (host city)
Joris Bijdendijk (executive chef), Ivan Beusink (chef de cuisine) and Yascha Oosterberg (chef de cuisine) win the award for the best restaurant in the host city.

 The Best Chef New Entry AwardHenrique Sá Pessoa – Portugal
This category award honours the chef who achieves the highest ranking amongst all the new candidates.

The Best Chef Voted by Chefs AwardBjörn Frantzen – Sweden
This award is dedicated to the most voted chef by all the other chefs.

The Best Chef Science Award: Joan Roca – Spain
This award is a distinction for the chef who is outstanding in relation to research, experimental techniques and transformation.

The Best Chef Legend Award: Alfonso Iaccarino – Italy
This category award celebrates the best chef who is not active in the kitchen as a chef anymore, but who still has a crucial impact on the world of gastronomy.

The Best Chef Pizza Award: Franco Pepe – Italy
A new award created to celebrate the best pizza chef in the world.

The ceremony, which was held in the virtual environment in 2020 due to the pandemic, this year it is held with great enthusiasm with the slogan ‘Back to Live. Back to Reality.’ The most influental names of the culinary world came together in Amsterdam to celebrate the best of gastronomy. Among the 29 countries on this year’s list, the country with the highest performance is Spain with 15 awarded chefs.

Dabiz Muñoz, who was selected as the best chef of the year at The Best Chef Aewards and placed at the top, said, “Getting the number one in the Best Chef Awards is the biggest joy. An incredible pride and responsibility. For me, The Best Chef Award is one of the most prestigious publications in the world today, and an award like this is a dream come true, which recognizes many years of creativity, dedication, passion and hard work. The last years in the Xo world have been very intense and brutal, but my team and I are clear that this is only the beginning, and the best is yet to come. There are no limits in sight” and shared his happiness.

Closely followed by food lovers, The Best Chef is a global project that brings together talented chefs and restaurants around the world who create the best dining experiences. Different cultures and new generation experiences have been transferred, and this area also inspires developments in the field of gastronomy.



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