Yesterday the results of The Best Chef Awards 2020 have been announced at the first virtual show. In the online presence of the international gastronomy community, chef René Redzepi won The Best Chef Top100 Award powered by Perlage, followed by chef Björn Frantzen (last year’s winner) in second and chef Dan Barber (who also wins two additional awards) in third place. The 2020-list features chefs from 31 countries and 34 new names, out of which Spain performs best with its 15 chefs.

The winners of The Best Chef Awards 2020

The full ranking of The Best Chef Awards 2020 is available via The most prestigious awards went to familiar faces, as well as to several newcomers.

The Best Chef Top100 Award powered by Perlage winner: René Redzepi from Denmark. The second place is for Björn Frantzen (Sweden), who won the award in 2019, and the third place goes to Dan Barber (USA), who wins two more awards.

The Best Chef Rising Star Award powered by Perrier-Jouët winner: Manoella ‘Manu’ Buffara (Brazil). This young chef wins this award as an appreciation for her talent and progress in the world of gastronomy.

The Best Chef Fol-LOVERS Award powered by Custom Culinary winner: Rafa Costa e Silva (Brazil). This award was introduced in 2018 to value the opinion of the audience of The Best Chef’s followers on social media.

The Best Chef Pastry Award powered by Valrhona winner: Xavi Donnay (Spain). This award celebrates the best pastry chef among all the chefs.

The Best Chef Food Art Award powered by Antonius Caviar winner: Alex Dilling (UK). This award is dedicated to the Best Artist among all the chefs.

The Best Chef New Entry Award powered by Le Nouveau Chef winner: Dan Barber (USA). This category award honours the chef who achieves the highest ranking amongst all the new candidates.

The Best Chef Voted by Chefs Award powered by LSG Group winner: Dan Barber (USA). This award is dedicated to the mostly voted chef by all the other chefs.

The Best Chef Science Award powered by Perlage winner: Rasmus Munk (USA). This award is a distinction for the chef who is outstanding in relation to research, experimental techniques and transformation.

The Best Chef Legend Award powered by Difference Coffee winner: Michel Bras (France). This category award celebrates the best chef who is not active in the kitchen as a chef anymore, but who still has a crucial impact on the world of gastronomy.

Awards from the heart of the gastronomic community

This annual awards gala has always been a global event with chefs from all over the world, travelling from far away to attend the hottest culinary gala. To guarantee everyone’s safety and taking the current COVID regulations into account, this year the world’s leading culinary platform decided to go back to their roots, presenting their Top100 via a top-notch online show and hosting hybrid conferences like Area Talks and Food Meet Science. “We decided not to cancel this year’s event, but to organise it in a #VIRTUAL2020 form. By doing this, we hope to provide a message of strength and positivity to the whole gastronomic world. Cancelling the evening completely would mean demonstrating and highlighting the fragility of the fine dining world and this is not a right message to give. We are far from each other – everyone is at home, at work, in their countries or cities – yet so close, and even more together than before” says Cristian Gadau, Creative Director of The Best Chef project.

Auction for Isabelo Charity

The Best Chef Awards 2020 will not end on the 23rd by revealing the winners of all the Awards. This year there will also be something special – the winners decided to donate their awards to an auction that will be organised starting from Thursday, 24th of September. All the information will be available on our website The total amount collected in the auction will be transferred to Isabelo Charity – a project led by Margot Janse, Dutch Chef. Isabelo was born in 2009, because no child can learn on an empty stomach.

Voting by peers

The Best Chef Awards, with its exclusive character, is highly influential in the culinary world thanks to their network of world’s best chefs and social media influence. The chefs are awarded based on their skills, experience and accomplishments. They are selected through the voting done by their peers and a group of professionals. Each year, 100 new chefs are selected by The Best Chef’s collaborators and added to the previous year’s Top100 list. Next, all the chefs included begin to vote for their peers. The chefs have 10 choices, counting for 1000 points to 100 points, in order to decide who will be the last 100 chef finalists. They vote for the chef as a person, recognising his talent, experience, potential as well as his personality. Also culinary professionals, photographers, artists, and fol-LOVERS vote for their favourite chefs in the Top100 list. The culinary professionals vote via a secured survey. In the last stage of the voting procedure the fol-LOVERS can vote via the web page of The Best Chef.



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