The best cheese of 2021 was determined at the World Cheese Awards. Olavidia, which surpassed over 4000 products from more than 40 countries, was selected as the best cheese of 2021. Speaking about Olavidia, a soft Spanish goat cheese, jury member Jason Hinds said, “This cheese charmed me and stole my heart. This is unlike anything I’ve seen before. Its appearance is so original and it didn’t let me down. It’s unctuous, seductive, pillowy, warm, and comforting.”

This is a huge success for Quesos y Besos, a small family-run business located in Jaen, southern Spain, as the company started producing cheese only five years ago. “Everything we do is inspired by our love for our family, including the name of the business itself, Quesos y Besos (Cheese and Kisses), so this is such a special moment for us. We’ve made it our mission to encapsulate the essence of our family in all of our cheeses” said Silvia Peláez, head cheesemaker of the company.

According to event organizer John Farrand, the winning cheese is aged with Penicillium Candidum and has a distinctive layer of olive pits running down the middle. Cheese awards witnessed a competitive struggle for other countries as well. Here are the best cheeses of 2021:

  1. 1. Olavidia – Quesos y Besos / Spain
  2. 2. Epoisses Berthaut Perrière – Savencia Fromage & Dairy / France
  3. 3. Eminence Grise – Tomme Chèvre Grise au Bleu – Van der Heiden Kaas BV / The Netherlands
  4. 4. Baracska semi-hard cheese – Csiz Sajtmuhely Kft / Hungary
  5. 5. Twentse Bunkerkaas Geit – Royal FrieslandCampina / The Netherlands
  6. 6. Camembeso – Quesos y Besos / Spain
  7. 7. Gorwydd Caerphilly – Trethowan’s Dairy Ltd / Wales
  8. 8. Montana Intenso – MAAZ Cheese B.V. / The Netherlands
  9. 9. Gorgonzola Dolce DOP Caseificio Brusati – Caseificio Brusati / Italy
  10. 10. Vorarlberger Bergkäse über 10 Monate – Dorfsennerei Schlins-Röns und Umgebung eGen / Austria


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