Claims about Michelin-starred chef Tom Kitchin continue to shake the gastronomy world. The chief, who previously fired two top employees on charges of abuse, is now accused of harassing and humiliating his employees.

The claims of a young chef working at the Michelin-starred The Kitchin in Edinburgh fell like a bombshell into the gastronomy world. The young chef claimed that he threw himself at the door while working at Tom Kitchin’s restaurant. The chef, who claimed he was abused for not smoothing the surface of the mascarpone tub, said he “had no idea what had happened”.

Tom Kitchin, 44, runs the Michelin-starred restaurant Kitchin and the gastropub Scran and Scallie, both in Edinburgh. The spokesperson for the Kitchin Group denied the allegations, while Tom Kitchin said, “I have a hard-earned and well-merited reputation for demanding very high standards and also for being firm, but fair. That’s why hundreds of ambitious chefs from all over the world have sought to work as part of our team in the past 15 years, honing their skills at one of the country’s top restaurants.”



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