Syungchul Shim, the founder of Kochi, which opened in 2019 and gained recognition with its Korean-style skewers, opened his new restaurant Mari, where he will serve different flavors of Korean cuisine this time. Aiming to present traditional Korean flavors with a fine dining interpretation, Mari’s focus is hidden in its name. In Mari, which means ‘roll’, chef Shim focuses on Korean hand rolls.


Sungchul Shim, who previously worked at famous fine dining restaurants such as Neta and Per Se, focused on Korean-style skewers in Kochi. Winning a Michelin star in a short time with its nine-course tasting menu, Shim is now experiencing the excitement of opening its new restaurant. Opened in New York, Mari offers a wider 11-course tasting menu and, unlike Kochi focuses on Korean-style hand rolls. Saying that instead of sliced rice and seaweed rolls similar to the popular kimbap, they prepare Korean hand rolls that are more similar to Japanese temaki, Shim brings together many tastes from Korean cuisine on the tasting menu.



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