Jorge Vallejo adapts the taco menu he prepared for his friends to his restaurant, Quintonil, which is ranked 24th on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

With the slowdown of gastro-tourism, Jorge Vallejo, the chef of Mexico’s successful restaurant Quintonil, sets out to adopt a different dynamic in the restaurant for local guests and offers his new taco menu to his guests. Adapting the ‘Taco Mondays’ or ‘Lunes de Tacos’ event that he organized for his friends in the summer in his restaurant, the successful chef explains the starting point with the words, “Tacos were the first thing that came to my mind because they are very popular in Mexico.” “Of course, it is not the same as going to a taqueria, we want to offer something with the Quintonil trademark, that’s why we opted for a four-hands tasting menu, with 6 tacos and dessert,” says Vallejo, who combines taco with Quintonil’s creativity.

According to the news on the Fine Dining Lovers, offering different pairings to his guests to prove that tacos can have a more gastronomic experience, the chef added: “We have welcomed people who have never been to Quintonil before. It is an amazing opportunity to create a relationship with those who live in the city, allowing them to get to know the places foreigners come here for.”



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