After the Taco Bell branch fired its employee who supported the ‘Black Lives Matter’ cause, the firm apologized, stating they were supporters of the cause.

Last week, a Taco Bell employee had shared a video via Facebook in which his manager fired him, even though the company has said staff can wear any mask they want. As a result of the video, which created reactions, Taco Bell announced in a statement to Restaurant Business that it did not prohibit employees from wearing Black Lives Matter masks. “We believe Black Lives Matter. We were disappointed to learn about the incident that took place in Youngstown, Ohio. We take this very seriously. We have been working closely with our franchisee that operates this location to address the issue,” the company said.

Taco Bell’s CEO Mark King released a letter on June 2 supporting the protests against systemic racism. How the firm took a stance on this issue was quite clear in King’s letter. King was clear in his letter where the company stood on the issue. He wrote, “I am committed to being part of the long-term solution. Let me be clear: we don’t tolerate racism or violence against Black people. And we demand inclusivity. We have more work to do.”



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