Padma Lakshmi’s Hulu series Taste the Nation aims to unpack this notion, immersing itself in stories of immigrants’ journey to this country and how they preserved their culture through traditional dishes that are now upheld by younger generations.

Within ten episodes, the series explains with an air of optimism just how immigrants shaped what we’ve come to know as “American” cuisine and gives immigrants the opportunity to represent themselves and their cultures on a mainstream platter. Taste the Nation is a combination of visually enticing travel, sociopolitical commentary on cultural identity, and, of course, enough delicious-looking dishes to have foodies salivating every other minute. Lakshmi heads to Las Vegas to reveal Thai women’s survival methods after marrying Vietnam war-era U.S. soldiers during bites of pad thai, explores San Francisco’s Chinatown with comedian Ali Wong, uncovers Iran’s war-torn history on a trip to Los Angeles’ Persian Square, and more.



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