Large coffee chain Starbucks said Friday that it would change its previous stance, allowing its employees to use clothing and accessories to support the protest that emerged in the United States after George Floyd’s death, and said it would distribute clothes to its employees supporting the protest.

US-based large coffee chain Starbucks has garnered a backlash for banning its employees to use of clothing and accessories supporting protests reacting to George Floyd’s death. Although the administration said such items could be misunderstood and could cause violence, employees told BuzzFeed that the company hands out buttons and attire celebrating LGBTQ rights and marriage equality. While Starbucks has a policy against wearing personal, political or religious clothing or accessories, it has decided to change these policies for Black Lives Matter in the face of the backlash they have received. The chain said it would give its employees in the U.S. and Canada 250,000 shirts featuring the design of the slogans “Black Lives Matter” and “No Justice, No Peace” that used in protests, CNBC reported.



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