The acceleration of robotics and automation in the restaurant industry continues rapidly. “Mezli”, a start-up founded by Stanford-trained engineers Alex Kolchinski, Alex Gruebele and Max Perham, draws attention. Engineers will work with Michelin-starred chef Eric Minnich as part of the project.

Mezli is a company that builds fully automated, modular restaurants. Engineer Kolchinski commented that they will be working with a Michelin-starred chef as follows; “He’s the brain behind the appetizer menu and has been working with us from day one to make sure the robot does the right things to make the food come out great and the menu is designed to work well with the robot’s process.”

The company aims to work with different chefs in the near future. “We will build and operate our robot restaurants ourselves, so it is not an add-on solution for existing restaurant locations. If an existing restaurant wants to expand into new locations, or if an up-and-coming chef wants to expand into the industry without having to spend money on opening a new restaurant, they can work with us to come up with their concept.”



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